Tuesday, August 16, 2011


People say money can't buy happiness. Is that really true? What I know from my past experiences and from observing the world around us is that happiness is supposedly composed of 3 things Money, Popularity, and Love. You need money to survive, it might not make you happy but with out it you won't be able to be happy in this society we've created. Popularity, everyone wants to be recognized and well known. When I say popularity I don't mean being world famous, I mean just simply knowing other people. The only reason some want to be rich is to well known and recognized. It's nice to know a lot of people look up to you or like you. You also need the popularity to help you find a job or stay connected. Last one is obvious, love makes everyone happy. When you fall head over heels for someone you overlook everything else. But the problem with that is with out even a minimal amount of popularity you probably won't meet the person you love. With out money you won't be able to support the person you love or support yourself so you aren't totally dependent on the other person.

Money, Popularity, and Love go hand in hand to being happy. However, what I truly believe is that you must control your mind to make yourself happy. Because sometimes even if you have these three things and your mindset is set to be sad then you still won't be able to enjoy everything you already have. Basically everything is up to you so be happy with what you have and then you can expand it and get everything you've wanted to have a fulfilled life.

P.S. As humans you will always want more than what you have so be happy anyways cus you'll always want more.