Saturday, August 13, 2011

Losing someone you love

Isn't the hardest part about losing someone is knowing that you'll never be able to experience what they used to do again? That sounds very confusing but stay with me. When you lose someone you don't just miss them, you miss the things they do. Because no one will touch your hair the same way. No one will hold you the same way. You miss what they used to do. Those little things you used to never think about and look over, now they seem like they changed your life forever. You miss the things you would do together. That's what you miss most when you lose someone, you don't just miss the person, you miss every little thing they did. Something as small as the way they would play with your hair, to the way you guys argued and fought. You wish you could do those little things with them one last time, and it hits you that it won't ever happen again.

You realize you didn't treat them well enough. Or if you're lucky you feel like you did. But either way you should know you shouldn't think that you didn't treat them well enough because back then you didn't think clearly, it wasn't your fault. The important part is that even though you lost them you learned to appreciate the people who are here and that is much more important. Because now you will make the people who are around you feel happier. You'll feel happier this way too.

Don't stop and stay sad about yesterday, start moving again and help others and yourself have a better tomorrow.